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NETGEAR Sustainability

In 2014 NETGEAR published its first sustainability report…

Lack of Green IT measures holding back greening IT movement

Nearly 80% of IT products on the market have no ‘green’ measure or accreditation…

ISO 50001:2011 – What is it?

ISO 50001 – Energy management
Using energy efficiently helps organisations save money as well as helping to conserve resources and tackle climate change. ISO 50001 supports organisations in all sectors to use energy more efficiently, through the development of an energy management system (EnMS).
ISO 50001 is based on the management system model of continual improvement also [...]

Kyocera Top 10 Tips: Heating, Lighting and Ventilation

Kyocera offer you some green simple tips for heating, lighting and ventilation in the workplace.

Destination Green IT makes keeping up-to-date on green IT easy


Richard Spencer, Head of Sustainability, Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales comments
"Sustainability is one of the most important concerns for business and society today. IT plays a compelling role as both part of the problem and an essential part of the solution.
Keeping up-to-date on green IT practice is fundamental for companies trying to improve their environmental performance and makes doing this easy."

NETGEAR is committed to developing innovative new products and new product features that increase energy efficiency, use fewer resources, and meet or exceed global environmental standards. We are setting comprehensive benchmarks for products that carry the NETGEAR Green logo. NETGEAR Green means INNOVATION - a commitment to smarter, greener products, helping businesses and homes use less energy and save money.

Matthew Nunney,

Kyocera Top 10 Tips: Waste Reduction and Recycling

Here are some simple guidelines from Kyocera to reduce waste reduction and recycling in the workplace

NEC Savings Calculators

NEC – saving energy at the touch of a button

Acer V6 Series Monitors Win Best Choice Green ICT Award at Computex

The LED-backlit monitors made with post-consumer recycled material also received the SEAD Global Efficiency Medal for energy saving designs.

NEWS: Google datacentres awarded ISO 50001 certification.

Google has obtained ISO 50001 certification for its energy management systems in six datacentre facilities across the US

NEWS: Bolton College gets £80000 ‘green’ technology room

Bolton College has opened a new £80,000 construction centre specialising in teaching environmentally friendly technology to the next generation of property developers.

Cisco believes that information technology has the power to transform the way the world manages its environmental and energy challenges. The information technology network can be a platform for green innovations that allow us to work, live, play and learn in a more environmentally-friendly way.

Cisco is encouraged to see portals such as Destination Green IT facilitating the sharing of ideas and information.

Laura Ipsen,
Co-chair of Cisco’s EcoBoard


Smarter working in your IT department can save energy and money


David Fatscher, ICT Sector Content Manager, BSI British Standards comments
"In these uncertain times, smarter working in your IT department can save energy and money. Destination Green IT is a key forum for manufacturers, suppliers and users of ICT equipment, discussing ways of creating more sustainable IT solutions."

Energy Efficiency News

Green IT is rising to the top of many agendas. Intel is playing a key role in helping the IT marketplace to achieve increased efficiency and improving performance.

A credible and focused Green IT information hub, offers a strategic communication channel and is spearheading thinking on the reality and future of green IT.

Steve Geary,
Intel Channel Development

Making genuine progress on Green IT will require high-quality, trustworthy information, and we believe that Destination Green IT can act not only as a forum for discussion on this vital topic, but can also become a practical hub for data on energy efficiency.

Tim Jennings,
Research Director, Butler Group


About Destination Green IT

Destination Green IT, DGIT, is a community and information channel for IT users and computer hardware manufacturers, suppliers and distributors to learn, debate, and consider Environmentally Friendly or Green technologies and solutions.

Our aim is to empower the market with an information resource pool to plot a path towards greener IT, bringing together a network of end users, manufacturers, suppliers and distributors to facilitate the Green movement towards more efficient and sustainable practices.

DGIT has developed into one of the key portals for green IT solutions and product information for Public Sector and businesses alike. Manufacturers will continue to be given the opportunity to explain and provide information direct to the end user in simple terms exactly why their products are green and exactly how they will benefit the environment.

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